After an eighteen month long search that involved over sixty properties across the Valley, we discovered the building at 4700. Having grown up here in Phoenix, myself and my brothers had watched this building through its many incarnations over the years. We always thought it looked like the tie fighters from the movie Star Wars. Originally built in 1965 as a roast beef competitor to Arby’s. We hypothesize that it fed what must have been a motel that surrounded it. My partners and I were drawn to its peaked, Tahitian style roof and iconic hexagonal window looking out over Central Ave.  Or most fervent hope had been to restore an old building as part of the City of Phoenix adaptive reuse program. With this building, we got that opportunity. Having been sitting empty for a number of years, it was in total disrepair, and on the verge of falling down. Our architect (Mark Tomecak-Tomecak Design) worked closely with our contractor (Mahalo Company) and my partner Chris Delaney (who is responsible for most of Hula’s design elements) to create something unique. We wanted the space to reflect the urban renewal of Uptown Phoenix, but still pay homage to the Americana tiki bars and restaurants of the ‘40’s & ‘50’s.After almost six months, construction was completed as we were opening the doors (literally); September 24 th , 2009.

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